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At the Windsor Laser Clinic, we use the most comprehensive laser system available today. Since it's designed for all skin types, we can treat the broadest range of skin tones – from fair to dark skin. 
The system is optimised for the effective treatment of unwanted hair, facial and leg veins, as well as benign epidermal pigmented lesions (sun/age spots), with unsurpassed efficacy and client comfort.  
That's because its’ revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser. 
Laser Hair Removal 
Do you have hair on your face or body that you’d like to just get rid of for? You’ve probably tried most of the traditional hair removal techniques and products and been disappointed with the temporary results – and the ongoing costs. Shaving and depilatory creams may last a day or so, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of them last long term - and therein lies the true beauty of laser hair removal. 
Laser treatment is also very different to electrolysis (which involves injecting a needle into each and every hair follicle). The Elite aesthetic laser emits a bright beam of light that passes through the skin and targets many follicles at once. It’s the most powerful and effective way to treat unwanted hair. Treatment works well on darker hair for both men and women whether for aesthetic or clinical reasons. Savinder is experienced in treating hair growth as a result of hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovaries and for people undergoing gender reassignment. In some cases NHS referrals may be accepted on an individual basis. 
Pigmentation / Sun Spots / Age Spots 
We all know how damaging the sun can be to our skin but we weren’t always so well informed and damage may already have been done to your skin. And if you're over thirty, you may well already be showing signs of premature aging due to sun damage. Reducing pigmentation will make the skin brighter, which in turn can make you look younger and feel more confident. 
With laser treatment, you can now easily and effectively treat sun spots and pigmented lesions - giving you a more even, natural looking skin tone. 
Our Cynosure Elite aesthetic laser is safe and the most effective for all skin types. Laser treatment can remove the imperfections caused by benign pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun / age spots and cafe-au-lait (coffee coloured) marks. 
Facial & Leg Veins 
Many of us suffer with facial and leg veins these days. There are many causes of thread veins but, whatever the cause, they can be unsightly and even embarrassing, particularly when they’re on your face. Or perhaps your leg veins are making you feel self-conscious in a swimsuit or a skirt? The good news is that they can be treated. You can make yourself look – and feel – a whole lot better, often with as little as one or two visits. 
Our Cynosure Elite aesthetic laser is safe and the most effective for all skin types. The laser will remove fine thread veins quickly and effectively. 
Facial Skin Treatment & Rejuvenation 
Cosmetic surgery is too big a step for most of us – but if you’d like to recapture some of your youthful glow and reverse some of the damage done by exposure to the sun, the weather and, let’s face it, just living, then a facial skin treatment could be the perfect answer for you. 
A laser facial treatment visibly reduces redness (blush of rosacea) and age spots. It also stimulates elastin and collagen production which plumps the skin to help gently erase fine lines and wrinkles - giving you a more rejuvenated and revitalised appearance than you've had in years. 
Our Cynosure Elite aesthetic laser is safe and the most effective for all skin types. Laser treatment works by targeting the damaged area, while sparing the surrounding skin. Blemishes will slowly and naturally fade or disappear. 
What our clients say...... 
I have to say having laser hair removal to my back was much quicker and less painful than I expected. Savinder explained everything really clearly and made me feel comfortable. Over the last few years I've had about 4 or 5 sessions and can definitely see a clear and lasting reduction. I pop back for occasional top ups but it's made a huge difference and has been well worth it. Thanks!  
David from Windsor  
I had full leg and bikini line laser treatment with Savinder. She is very professional and offers sound advice and is obviously very knowledgeable about lasers. My treatment was a great success and has changed my life! After the first treatment most hairs were gone (and I had dark, very hairy legs!). I had previously been to another clinic for laser before which hadn't worked and was painful so was relieved that with Savinder I could barely feel it. I would thoroughly recommend Windsor Laser Clinic for any laser treatment. Natalia from Old Windsor 
Savinder has been my nurse practitioner for thread vein removal on a number of occasions. Savinder is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation on recommending this amazing nurse. Rosie from Windsor 
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